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What our HCG Weight Loss Program Can Do for You

If you are struggling to lose weight, our HCG Weight Loss Program could do so much for you. The HCG Weight Loss Program at St. Mary’s Medical Clinic can help achieve your weight loss goals by safely losing weight and keeping it off under the supervision of a doctor. Weight Loss ProgramThe program utilizes a high-quality HCG supplement to reduce your appetite and promote weight loss. At St. Mary’s Medical Clinic in Monroe, NC, Dr. Awa Igbinadolor is your doctor for medically supervised weight loss!


HCG Weight Loss Program

Losing weight can do so much more for you than simply boosting your confidence by helping you feel better about your appearance. Losing excess weight can improve overall health by reducing your risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other weight-related health problems. However, we understand how challenging it can be to lose weight and keep it off. At St. Mary’s Medical Clinic, we utilize the HCG Weight Loss Program to help you lose weight and keep it off.

The program utilizes a high-quality HCG supplement to promote weight loss. When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy eating, the HCG supplement can help you achieve your weight loss goals. HCG is a hormone that helps with weight loss by calming feelings of hunger, reducing appetite, reducing hunger-related fatigue, and promoting the release of certain types of fat cells. Dr. Igbinadolor, your Monroe weight loss doctor, can help you decide if the HCG Weight Loss Program is right for you.

There are several benefits associated with the HCG Weight Loss Program available through St. Mary’s Medical Clinic. Benefits of the program include:

  • It is entirely supervised by a professional physician
  • Only quality pharmaceutical strength HCG is used
  • HCG supplements reduce appetite, helping you eat in moderation
  • Achieve rapid weight loss of up to one pound per day
  • HCG help you maintain weight loss by resetting your metabolism

To learn more about weight loss in Monroe using the HCG weight loss program, schedule an appointment with Dr. Igbinadolor by calling St. Mary’s Medical Clinic at (704) 225-0211.

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