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By St. Mary's Medical Clinic
February 11, 2021
Category: Health
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Family History of CancerYou got your mother’s blue eyes and your dad’s wavy brown hair. Everyone attributes your dimples to your great grandfather and your love of cooking from your grandmother. It’s cool to see how genetics and nurture have played a major role in you and your health.

Unfortunately, there are certain things that we wished we didn’t inherit. If cancer runs in your family, you could be at an increased risk. This is something that you need to discuss with your general medicine doctor at your next checkup.

My family has a history of cancer. Does this mean I’ll get cancer, too?

Not necessarily. While it’s true that genetics can play a role in what conditions or health problems you face throughout your lifetime, sometimes it’s certain habits and behaviors such as poor diet, not exercising, or smoking that are increasing your risk.

The good news is that while genetics cannot be changed, these bad behaviors can. Sometimes seeing the dangers of leading an unhealthy lifestyle through a family member who has developed cancer, can teach you a lot about the importance of quitting bad habits and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Cancer runs in my family. What can I do to protect myself?

Some people just assume that if cancer runs in their family that there isn’t much they can do to prevent it. Along with leading a healthy lifestyle, seeing your general medicine doctor for regular screenings can also provide peace of mind. Screenings can also identify and detect cancer early when it is highly treatable.

Talk with your general doctor about your risk so that you can decide which tests are right for you. We can also work with you to create a healthy lifestyle to reduce bad behaviors and habits that could be increasing your risk.

While many factors can play a role in whether or not you develop cancer over your lifetime, you must talk with your general medical practitioner to discuss ways to reduce your risk.
By St. Mary's Medical Clinic
December 10, 2020
Category: Health
Staying Safe During the HolidaysThe holiday season can be an exciting time spent with family and friends in front of cozy fireplaces, enjoying delicious treats, and making memories. Of course, this year in particular our general medicine practitioners want to make sure you plan when it comes to holiday gatherings and celebrations to keep both you and your family safe.
Enforce Proper Hygiene
One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands properly and often. You should be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds (sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice to know that you’ve washed properly). Make sure to also wash under the nails and between your fingers. If you don’t have access to soap and water, make sure to at least use hand sanitizer until you can wash your hands.
Get Stress Under Control
We know, easier said than done right? But doctors know just how stressful the holiday season is, especially this year. It’s important to still find ways to connect and support one another. Schedule Skype or Zoom calls with family and friends, make sure that you are getting proper sleep, and limiting alcohol and junk food. Also, take some time every day for you to practice some self-care. This could mean reading a book or simply soaking in a warm bath.
Practice Healthy Eating Habits
We know that the holidays are a time of delicious gluttony and that you want to be able to enjoy and imbibe how you want. While we don’t blame you, we also know that consuming lots of alcohol and eating rich foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar could leave you dealing with a load of problems from diarrhea and headaches to nausea and even holiday heart syndrome (caused by excess alcohol). So, we recommend eating treats and drinks in moderation and to fill up on some of those healthier foods first.
Keep Gatherings Small
With Covid-19, we also know that we need to minimize contact with others to prevent exposure to the virus. This may mean avoiding certain holiday events this year or creating more intimate gatherings with only your immediate family. Make sure to wear your mask, practice social distancing, and to be respectful of others this time of year, especially if you plan to travel.
Remember, the holiday season is not a time to become lax on hygiene. Our medical team wishes you and your family a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season. We know that this year may look a lot different from years past, but we hope you can still make beautiful, festive memories.